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Venus Factor Review | VENUS FACTOR

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Venus Factor Review

Venus Factor Review – Does the Venus Factor really work? Venus Factor by John Barban is the Premier fitness program for women. Read my Venus Factor Review and see if it’s the real deal!

Venus Factor Review seeks to separate fantasy from reality and serve as a guide for women considering Venus Factor purchase. Can Venus Factor truly live up to its weight- loss and fitness claims, even when other systems have failed? Few could blame us for our healthy dose of skepticism, as we set out to analyze the Venus program and its alleged, extraordinary results.

venus-factor-reviewWhat we found was an exercise and weight loss system that could be utilized by almost anyone. Like any physical improvement regimen, the Venus Factor does require some effort and dedication, but you can get results, even if you use only the diet or exercise portion of the system! Below, you will find answers to most of your Venus Factor questions.

The Venus Factor review shows the program includes a 12 week step by step workout and exercise plan that will take women from fat to fit in a short three months, the diet and weight loss manual where they get to learn all the important stuff about female fat loss, and a clever app called Virtual Nutritionist that will calculate the exact protein and calorie requirements that women need to get the body they’ve always dreamed of. Users are also given access to The Venus Community, a private ‘online members’ area where they can interact with others on the program and can even start their own blog or join in the forums for as much interaction as they please. The Venus Index Podcast is the place to go to get the inside story on others who’ve followed this workout program and diet plan to success.


What Are The Qualifications of The Venus Factor Creator, John Barban?

There is no dispute that John Barban is a well known health and fitness guru. He holds a graduate degree in nutrition and human biology, but has also studied exercise physiology.

He has obtained every known qualification to teach and purvey fitness knowledge. His accomplishments include many years of training athletes in a variety of disciplines, as well as a career spanning years in the sports and dietary supplement industries.

Despite his busy life, John still has time to indulge his fitness passion. The research and discovery of solutions to the questions of muscle building, toning, longevity and weight loss. It is these aspects of whole-body health that have brought John to develop theVenus Factorprogram.


What is the Venus Factor Diet Plan?

The Venus Factor Diet Plan is the new revolutionary weight loss program for women,the number one program that is transforming women’s bodies everywhere! Put simply, it is the complete fat burning program for women, that is making waves everywhere just by re-shaping women’s bodies, giving many the results that they have been craving for, for a very long time!

Here is a breakdown of what you get upon purchasing the program:

  • You get the main weight loss and diet manual
  • The fat burning 12 week workout program – it comes complete with all the videos of the exercises that will re-shape your body
  • The Venus Factor Book Download Virtual Nutritionist – this is a software application that will calculate all that you need to know about the calories and the protein intake that you need to enable your body to lose weight. And it does this based on your body and measurements.
  • The Venus community – you will be a member of the exclusive online community, of people just like you who are using the program to achieve great results. You will have access to other members, and you will be able to interact with, share your own journey via a blog and be able to read other members weight loss journey.
  • The Venus Index podcast – you can listen to other members share their weight loss stories, and of course, you can share yours should you choose to!


Venus Factor Diet Plan has it all! Just the information that is shared will allow you to lose the weight that you need to. If you like to stay active, you will love the workout videos, which will help you lose weight even faster. If you do not like working out, no worries at all. Just using the dietary tools that come with the program will get you losing the weight that you need to.

On the actual Venus Factor website there are many case studies and testimonials by real women who have tried the course. And if there is one common thread among them it is that they were finally able to find success by taking and following John’s advice.

“I know that for many women it can seem tough to get a nice toned and lean look. Hands-down the best aspect to The Venus Factor is that John gets it and that he has designed the program specifically for women. From the exercises in the workouts to the diet to the manipulation of the fat burning hormone, Leptin, John has covered all of the basis and I’m sure this program will be a huge success for all.” – Kevin.